HEADS by volu-med trusts that nobody needs to be bald these days considering the wide variety of options available out in the market to those who experience hair loss. The only part that needs the wisest decision is what brand of solution will work best for you.

    HEADS by volu-med, being a hair replacement expert offers wigs that are available in almost every hairstyle and color. To perform properly, a wig must appear natural and feel comfortable, and its attachments must be secured. When choosing a hairstyle for your wig, consider the styling and maintenance required to keep it fresh and new-looking. As a rule, the longer the hair, the greater the care requirements.

    In choosing between synthetic to human hair wigs, consider human hair showcase a more natural look and touch but always requires more care in styling it to your needs. Synthetic wigs are typically recommended for temporary hair replacement. Moreover, premium synthetic hair closely resembles human hair, due to vastly improved fibers resulting from state of the art technology. 

    If you are hesitant to wear a wig because you may think it can look phony, HEADS by volu-med offers hair replacement options that are indiscernible from your natural hair on its best day. While 100% natural human hair wigs cost more than their cheaper counterparts, they are truly a fine long-term investment for women with Alopecia. They give the wearer a natural look and can be washed and styled throughout their long lifetime with proper care.

    Women with Alopecia Totalis or Alopecia Universalis are concerned with not only quality of appearance, but also secure, comfortable fits on their heads. Some wigs and hairpieces traditionally clip into some of your existing hair, but women with Alopecia Totalis or Alopecia Universalis obviously do not have that choice. One option for them is a BERGMANN custom-made wig from the LUXURY WIG collection with the Totalis cap, which was made for those who prefer no tape or glue on their scalp, yet crave lightness, breathability, all day use and, above all, natural, beautiful hair. Another option from the LUXURY WIG collection is the Dermasilk Cap—the most premium wig in the BERGMANN portfolio—combining ultimate comfort with the most beautiful look.

    Although Alopecia Areata is a devastating disease that can strike a woman at any time, please know that if you or any of your loved ones are afflicted by the condition, you still have options to ensure that you never lose your confidence and can continue to show off your beautiful hair!

     A wig or partial hairpiece can cover the hair loss.

    If the hair loss is minimal, BERGMANN offers premium partial hairpieces producing overall volume and amazing length.If you experience more extensive hair loss, any of our wigs from the READY-TO-WEAR or LUXURY WIG collections can help you to look beautiful and feel self-confident again. Our finest-quality medical-grade wigs give women the self-confidence they need to carry on active social and professional lives while keeping their hair loss private. 

    Unlike fashion wigs found in retail stores or at the mall, BERGMANN wigs offer premium hair solutions ensuring the most beautiful look, natural hair movement and comfortable fit. Our certified quality standards in cap design and material selection prevent sensitive scalp irritation, which is a typical issue with most of the fashion wigs on the market.