Now let's guide you through our coloring book!

Now let's guide you through our coloring book!

Choosing your wig color is an exciting process as you have an abundance of color options available. Although many choose to stick with a wig that matches their natural hair color, picking a different color can add a new flare to your appearance by allowing you to try something new. However, choosing the correct color is easier said than done.

1. Choose a color for your wig
We first recommend you look through the color swatches available on each wig description in our Collections or screen our color overview on this page. This provides you with a great wig color guide so you can see exactly what the color looks like. Many women enjoy looking through the different colors available and finding one they love.

2. Purchase a color ring
If you are still having trouble making a decision on your color, you can also order a color ring in our Care & more Collection. This allows you to compare it directly to existing hair or hold it against your skin to find the best fit for your coloring. Once you receive the color ring, use it as a guide to help you choose a color. Keep the ring for later use, or return the color ring with a wig order and we will credit you back for the price you paid, minus shipping.

3. Let us recommend a color for you based on a picture you provide
Ask for our help! We would be happy to discuss the differences between colors, or send us via email ( a high-quality picture and we will help match your wig to your existing color.  




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